New publication on polar early career researchers

I’m excited to share this new publication, which celebrates 10 years of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS), and appears in Polar Record.  The paper has been a long time in the making, and benefitted from feedback from experts throughout the polar research community. We argue that it is beneficial to include ECRs in conference planning groups, committees, and international research projects from the outset, and that such relationships not only build capacity for the ECRs, they can also have benefits for the host organisations. Participating in APECS helps ECRs to gain a range of transferrable skills, and can set researchers on a range of career trajectories. APECS is a legacy of the IPY, and 10 years on it continues to be going strong, creating opportunities for polar researchers in many parts of the world. It’s been an honour to work with such a talented team, who have brought diverse skills to the writing of this paper – and may we be reading more about APECS’ success in another 10 years!

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